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Attack Drumheads Endorsement

Hey folks!

I’m happy to announce that I’m now officially an Attack Drumheads artist! Many thanks to our local rep Tim Harquail for bringing me on board. I’ve been using these heads for about a year now and they sound fantastic! They are different than typical drum heads in that they aren’t glued to the collar. This gives them a louder and more open tone than any other head I’ve tried. I’ve tried many of their lines so far and they’ve all been absolutely incredible. Lines such as their Orbit kick drum head which is unlike anything I’ve ever seen as well as some other really intuitive designs like their logic dot snare head which extends a clear oval dot to the side of the drum to help give ghost notes more clarity. Suffice to say I’m really digging these heads and very happy to be a part of the #AttackFamily. I’ll be posting a bunch of videos in the next couple of months so anyone whose interested can check out each line. Check em out at:


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