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Hunting Pignut

Earlier this year I had the wonderful pleasure of scoring Hunting Pignut a feature film directed by the impeccable Martine Blue starring Taylor Hickson (Deadpool, Residue) and Joel Hynes (Republic of Doyle, Rookie Blue).

The film delves into the gutter punk sub culture and follows the story of 15 year old Bernice Kilfoy, a misfit, who runs away to St. John’s to hunt a gutter punk named Pignut after he steals her estranged father’s ashes from his funeral. Her odyssey into the hardcore world of gutter punks leads her to uncover the truth about her painful past and to rediscover her family.

We decided to take an interesting approach towards the concept of this score which called for the use of an old family heirloom in the recording of the score. Throughout the film I decided to use my great grandfathers acoustic guitar, a guitar hand made by him during his exile in a Greek POW camp over 60 years ago. We were looking to have a score that was inspired by gutter punk diy culture, it needed to sound imperfect, almost thrown together in a way. I felt that using this guitar brought an element of that to the score. Major thanks to the supremely talented Patrick O'Reilly for all his and help much of the guitar work on the score!

The film is premiering at the Atlantic Film Festival (click here for screening info) this September and likely throughout more film festivals this fall.

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