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Mad Madame Mim

I've been working with a really interesting new Ska/Punk band for the last year or so called Mad Madame Mim. We infuse quite a wide array of musical styles within the umbrella of Ska. We have been busy recording a new album and releasing a few new music videos including a live off the floor video of our original song called "Revenge" and a fully animated video of our original "Devils Dance" which you can check out below. If you like what you see/hear feel free to give us a follow and a like on all the socials:

"Mad Madame Mim, one of the most adventurous and imaginative bands on the Toronto music scene, with their outlandish costumes, theatrical storytelling and world rock infused with rhythmic upbeat tempos that are sure to get everyone dancing. Mad Madame Mim is Simon Miminis on drums, Terry Russell on bass, Jason Allen on guitar and Joanna Glezakos on vocals."

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