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Samsun Cymbals Endorsement

For the last few months I've been using some new cymbals from a relatively new cymbal company called Samsun Cymbals. I was approached by their Canadian Rep, Vlod some time ago to come check them out, needless to say I absolutely fell in love with them so I ordered a whole set and today I am very pleased to announce that I am officially an endorsed Samsun Cymbals artist!

This is a great honor for me and I am very excited to begin incorporating these cymbals into my setup. I've already used them on all my sessions since May and I'm very pleased with how they sound (as are all my clients).

At the moment I am rocking the 13' Thin Earth Hats, 14" Medium 21st Traditional Hats, 17" medium 21st Traditional Crash, 21" Thin Earth Ride, and a 20" Heavy kind of hybrid power bell ride that they were kind enough to custom make for me, this setup is versatile enough to cover the wide range of styles that I'm asked to record during different sessions on a regular basis. I'll be adding even more to my setup soon but so far I'm extremely pleased with how everything sounds! If you're in the market for some amazing cymbals definitely check out Samsun Cymbals, you will NOT be dissapointed.

For more info check them out at .

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