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Had a wonderful time on the road this week with the Tartan Terrors. We played to a packed house at the beautiful Deertrees Theater in Harrison Maine. A night full of Scottish/Irish/Newfie Trad Rock music. A great show and a great time! Keep up to date with The Tartan Terrors by checking out their facebook page or website.

More good times playing at the Horseshoe Tavern with Vinyl Richie on Wednesday, a few bodies on the dance floor moving away to some funk/rock insanity courtesy of the very talented Alex Shifrin. Most of our repetoire was from Alex's band A French Whore Named Babette which you can check out here. Hopefully this group will be playing there again in the near future, if so I will be posting the dates on the Home Page.

I was also very happy to play at the Shawn & Ed Brewery in Dundas, ON with a really cool new Jazz Trio I've been working with called South Meets North. The brewery was absolutely gorgeous and the beer... My god the beer, if you're ever in Dundas be sure to swing by and check them out, really great stuff. Better yet, do yourself a favor and go pick up their lager at the Beer Store. We played to a great big crowd of runners who didn't seem to mind funk/fusion classics. We will be recording some demos in the near future which I'll be sure to post about when we get around to it.

A few more dates are coming up and have been posted on the Home Page, hope to see you some of you there!

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