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New Thesis, a Time Capsule and More…

Hey folks, It's been a hectic couple of weeks recently, lot's of great things happening to talk about. First, the end of another successful semester at York! I have now started researching my thesis topic of consonant and dissonant rhythm, an area which has not received much attention from theorists to date. Ever since I became interested in Schenkerian analysis I've been constantly wondering about how such a theory could apply to rhythm, if even on a very fundamental level. I hope to really explore this concept in the upcoming months and hopefully, be able to post it up once it's finished if it turns out to be any good… Here's hoping. In scoring news, a great prof at Sheridan College by the name of Stephen Barden approached me earlier in the year to see if I might be interested in scoring one of Sheridan's thesis films. I happily accepted and recently finished scoring a film directed by Michael Peeling and produced by Adam Cox entitled "Time Capsule". It's in the romantic drama vein which I haven't found myself doing in a while so it was good to get out the old pen and paper and plunk out some romantic cues again. You can listen to one of those cues by clicking here. Check out "We Could Be Happy" and let me know what you think. my next potential project will be a complete 180 from this film, let's just say I'm having a lot of fun playing around with dissonant string textures and clusters as well as trying out my new Omnisphere sample library (another recent purchase of mine). All I've got to say is that this sample library is ENORMOUS. It'll take years to sort through it all… In playing news, I'm also taking a seat behind the drums again and getting involved with some new projects (more on those later). My teaching schedule has also been filling up, so if you're in Toronto and are looking for some private drum lessons feel free to get in touch. Till next time… Best, Simon

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