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Hey all, I’m back in Toronto now after a much needed Christmas break. It was great to see old friends and family again. It also gave me some time to finish mixing a few new tracks from several sessions I took part in with my buddies Grant King and Chris Davis over the summer. We got together with the intent of having a pretty casual session; basically just freely improvising over a few ideas Grant had brought to the table. You can check out one of the tracks below. These were all recorded in my project studio and feature my new Stanbridge Ancient Kauri kit . I couldn’t believe the tone on those suckers… Just brilliant. Chris also took the liberty of test-driving his brand new Fedora bass. Needless to say, as far as instruments went, we were in good company. I have quite a few new films on the horizon as well. I have just finished a short for NL director Blair Downey entitled “The Devil Pens A Screenplay” and will soon be working on a documentary for my good friend Mike Wert (which will hopefully air on CBC sometime next year). Along with some other films that are in the works this is shaping up to be a busy new year. I’ve also been working on some original music inspired by one of my analysis classes last term. With any luck I’ll get around to recording these tunes some time this year…

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