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Good news! I have just been nominated for a Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival Award for my score in a documentary entitled "Uprooted" directed by the very talented Andrew Moir. If you're in Toronto on July 16th feel free to check out the screening or the awards gala which will go down on the 17th. Go to for more information or to buy tickets. I'll also be scoring a film LIVE at the closing ceremonies of the 2010 Wreckhouse International Jazz and Blues Festival here in St.John's at Dusk Ultralounge. To buy tickets check out or (it's the last event near the bottom of the page). I'll be scoring live to a 3 minute silent short film shot in one day! It's a fun gig and I'm glad to be a part of it. Hope to see you all there! Cheers, Simon P.S. I have a few new pictures uploaded to my site from my recent trip to the 2010 Ottawa Jazz Festival. Check it out if you get a chance!

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