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Hey folks, Cool news on the recording front, I just finished drumming on Kristina King’s new album. If you haven’t checked her out yet go visit her new website @ . Some cool country/Folk/Rock vibes, it’s been a real blast to play with this band and I’m looking forward to hearing how this record turns out (as should you!). Still mixing and mastering left on the horizon so check back later on for a release date. I was also extremely happy to record some drums for my good friend (and mentor) Dave Panting on his new upcoming album during my most recent trip back home to Newfoundland. You can check out Dave’s website @ Keep checking back here for a release date. As a quick side note, my participation at this year’s BMI Film Scoring Workshop led by Rick Baitz has been SOOOOO FUN!!!!! It really has been a blast and I’ll be uploading some pics of my travels to NYC soon. In the meanwhile check out a cue I wrote for one of my assignments in the progra

m here you’ll want to hear “Boom Smack DD”. And yes, as a drummer I had a hell of a lot of fun recording this (just check it out and you’ll see what I mean). Happy Fall all! Cheers, Simon

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