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New Film and a New Country Band

Hey All, I hope everyone's enjoying the summer, it's been a pretty productive one for me as of late. First, I'd like to share a few samples from an excellent indie film I recently scored. It's not too often that I get to score in the horror vein so when Ryan Brewer went out searching for someone to score his latest film "NYAR" I was pretty intrigued right off the bat. I managed to see the trailer and you could instantly appreciate the amazing cinematography and eerie scenes he managed to capture. Needless to say I was very excited to be a part of this project. But I digress, If you would like to check out some samples of the score visit my new Soundcloud page (Oooooooo…) at . I'm eventually making the switch to an HTML based site so most of my music will be uploaded to Soundcloud in the near future. Me and Ryan both love and appreciate the music of Hans Zimmer so the score drew heavily from his influence. I tried to focus more on creating dissonant sonorities rather than thinking purely melodically or harmonically so sometimes things get a little crazy. You can also keep on top of what's happening with the film by liking the Facebook page here: On the performance side of things I am currently playing with an excellent new country band lead by the uber talented Kristina King. You can check us out here: It's been a while since I played country so I was really excited to take this project on especially considering the caliber of musicians and songwriting involved! That said we still need to round out the band so we're looking for a permanent bass player, if you or someone you know in the Toronto area is interested please get in touch. I hope y'all enjoy some of the new tunes, there are some more projects waiting around the bend, more on that in the near future. Cheers, Simon

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