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It's been an eventful few months! I've been working on several new flims lately (one in particular might be broadcast soon, more on that as news is available) as well as recording a track for a music video and a recent gig for a production company in L.A. The studio has undergone some transformations which can all be seen here including some very amazing (and expensive) pieces of equipement. I'm having a time messing around with this brand new M-147! Apparently it's a good kick drum mic too... Who knew... Performance wise I'll be playing the CD launch for a Greek band I frequently play with called the Forgotten Bouzouki. I played on the record and mixed the album so I'm excited to finally see this thing released. Come buy your very own copy on Oct 11th if you're in the St.John's area. The launch starts at 9:00 pm at The Ship. Cover is $5.00 and CD's are being sold for $20.00. Door prizes will be given away as well! What more could you want? Speaking of new releases if you feel so inclined feel free to check out my friend Veronica Meza's new EP on iTunes right here . I wrote a couple of string arrangements that are featured on the EP. Hope you enjoy. Also, I just realized my friends from have finished their cross Canada tour! These guys travelled across Canada recording a music video with their portable studio in every city they stopped at featuring an up and coming band in each area. They finished the tour by compiling Canda's version of "Born To Be Wild". Check it out here. It's been spliced together from performances of each band across Canada. Like a Cross Canada collaboration. Hope you enjoy it. Anyhow... Back to writing cues! Cheers, Simon

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